8th of september 2019, Clubshow Vereniging van Mastiffliefhebbers, Zwolle: Sargeant (GB)

Shows in The Netherlands
10th of June, Venray: Polgar (CZ)
7th of July, Echt: Blessing (DE)
24th of August, Rotterdam: Van Montfoort (NL)
25th of August, Rotterdam: Beattie (IE)
28th of September, Maastricht: Ingraffia (IT)
29th of September, Maastricht: Mach (CH)
2nd of November, Hazerswoude: Hendel (IS)
3rd of November, Hazerswoude: Seloy (DK)
24th of November, Den Bosch: Vyguzov (ME)
7th of December, Winner:
21st of December, Gorinchem: