16th of September Clubshow Mastiff Lovers Association, Zwolle: Coan (UK)

Shows in The Netherlands

4th of August, Den Bosch: S. v/d Bosch (B)
5th of August, Den Bosch: Roosenboom (B)
9th of August, Amsterdam (BeNeLuxwinner): Class (FR)
11th of August, Amsterdam (CAC Specialty): Williams (NL)
12th of August, Amsterdam (World Dog Show): Malo Alcrudo (ES)
8th of September, Rotterdam: Thevenon (FR)
9th of september, Rotterdam: Inzoli (IT)
29th of September, Maastricht: Campion (IE)
30th of September, Maastricht: Pärn (EE)
3rd of November, Hazerswoude: van Dijk (NL)
4th of November, Hazerswoude: Ahern (IE)
14th of December, Amsterdam:
15th of December, Amsterdam:
23rd of December, Venray: Lochs-Romans (NL)